Dana and Bradley Baker Perform “We Shall Behold Him” on Hour of Power

Here’s a recent video of Dana and his brother Bradley performing “We Shall Behold Him” on the Hour of Power broadcast.

Dana Performs Again on Hour of Power

Dana was able to sing and perform again on the Hour of Power services this past weekend. Here’s the video of him performing and getting some great and kind words from Pastor Bobby Schuler after his performance.

The Best Is Yet To Come

After I had a life changing experience over a year ago, that I posted on here under, “I Know the Plans I have for You,” God has really blessed me for being faithful. This weekend the duet that my brother and I sang on the final broadcast at the Crystal Cathedral, on the, “Hour of Power” will air on TBN. It was a dream come true for the both of us!

Ever since we were little boys growing up in Toledo, Ohio, we dreamed of singing at the beautiful Cathedral one day and it looked like it wasn’t going to happen.

Originally the last broadcast was supposed to be on June 23rd of this  year, but the Catholic Church that was taking it over decided to let us stay one more week.

So the Lord opened the doors for  us to sing and our dream of singing a duet there came true.

We decided to sing our favorite duet to the song, “Almighty God,” by Sandi Patti, only they don’t play accompaniment tracks at the Cathedral, so Marc Riley, who is the music director there, wrote the music out in less that 2 weeks! Bradley and I were blown away when we heard the live orchestra! It was so beautiful and I think it sounded better than the track!

It was a VERY hot Sunday morning and there were over 2,000 people there, but more important, the Lord was there and there aren’t words created to tell you how I felt. There was also a 15 year old teenager who played the piano and I had never heard anything like the talent that child had before!

Bradley and I have recorded the song and is available for purchase. We are also available to come to sing at your church, or even in your country for concerts, just send me an email from here.

The Cathedral moved right down the street and we are now called, Shepherd’s Grove and Bobby Schuller is really preaching the word and I believe and see the vision he has for the church. Great things are happening there and I’m glad to be a part of it. I believe, the best is yet to come!

VIDEO: Dana Baker’s Solos During Hour of Power at the Crystal Cathedral

Here’s a video of Dana performing solos with the choir at the Crystal Cathedral. The performance was televised during last night’s Hour of Power episode.

Dana Baker Will Be Singing at The Crystal Cathedral

Crystal CathedralI am very excited about my upcoming debut on the “Hour of Power” Broadcast. I plan on having fun performing two songs, “Amen” and “Ain’t Got Time to Die” at the Crystal Cathedral and it is a childhood dream come true. So glad I was asked to sing in that historic building three weeks before we move.

God is faithful! I remember watching that broadcast every Sunday morning as a child growing up in Toledo and thinking, how I’d like to sing with that choir one day.

I joined the Crystal Cathedral Choir in late February after going to see their production of Handel’s, “Messiah,” and was blown at what I heard. I contacted the Director, Don Nuen, scheduled an audition and started rehearsals in late February.

Our last service will be held on June 23rd and we will move to our new facility on June 30th and the name of the church will be called, “Shepard’s Grove”. Bobby Schuller is the pastor now and has been preaching some great sermons! I look forward to our new building and seeing what the Lord has in store for us there..

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